Sour Cucumber Pickles


Our Sour Cucumber Pickles are back!
We source our super amazing pickling cukes locally because they make the best pickles. We process as many as we can while we can get them, and have them in stock until they run out (hard to predict, but in very short supply this year). These are the only local, certified organic, fermented pickles that we know of in Ontario.
If you don’t eat the whole jar right away, keep the remaining pickles under brine for longer life. ¬†750ml glass jar.
Organic cucumber, filtered water, sea salt, organic garlic, organic dill.

Dill and Chili is regular dill cukes with added chili flakes.


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Dill Garlic, Dill Garlic – yellow cukes, Cumin Chili, Dill Garlic + Chili, EXTRA dill garlic


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