Alchemy Pickle Company handcrafts naturally carbonated kombucha, seasonal sodas and kvass. Amazing. Uplifting. Never pasteurized. Strands of culture are living proof.

All Kombucha and sodas are available in 490ml bottles. Some flavours are available on tap at farmers markets in 1L and 2L growlers. We also have other seasonal flavours of Kombucha available at the market.

Jasmine Apple Lemon Balm Kombucha

Scented organic Jasmine tea combined with a blush of organic apple cider is a delicate and delicious new classic.

Sizes Available: 490mL

Pear Ginger Kombucha

Brewed with organic nettle leaf and chamomile flowers, this fresh tasting Kombucha has notes of fruit and flowers. These herbs are known for many uses in traditional medicines. Caffeine free.

Sizes Available: 490mL

Blueberry Mint Kombucha

Distinctive organic blueberry juice blended with a touch of mint and our signature organic Sencha tea creates a rich and refreshing drink for all ages.

Sizes Available: 490mL

Seasonal Sodas

Small batches of naturally carbonated sodas capture the best of a season. Using a ginger starter, we are inspired to experiment with unique combinations of foraged or locally harvested fruit, veggies and herbs. Ask at the market to see we’re brewing.

Sizes Available: 490mL

Beet Kvass

A tangy and refreshing tonic, kvass is popular in eastern European countries as a blood purifier and savoury beverage. Made with veggies, sauerkraut brine and filtered water. Enjoy a small glass, add to borscht, or make a new cocktail.

Sizes Available: 490mL